Little Donkey

Little Donkey was born out of our love of the vibrant flavors and brilliant combinations that traditional Mexican cooks have created for centuries.  The recipes that we have researched and tasted inspired us and gave us a glimpse into the soul of regional cooking.  We started to understand and see that this is family food, comfort food, party food and soul food.  We saw direct relationships to the way tridiontal Southern cooks celebrate, comfor and nourish with our own regional cooking and we wanted to bring it to Homewood - our home, our neighborhood.

Community Requests


Southern generosity is a way of life. We love to partner with folks in our community to help make our world a better place. If you have a request for us, please call your local store to set up an appointment to chat.  At this time we ask that your requests are in at least 90 days before your event. Donation requests will be made in person, by appointment only. All requests will be considered, but due to the volume of community needs, please understand we cannot accommodate them all. 

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